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Photo Mat Large Blanket Maximum Texture CK Mustard Gold


~ 18" x 24"
(actual size in drop down option)

Hand Dyed Artisan Spun Merino Yarn

Note: Measurements are of UNSTRETCHED, relaxed, blanket. The degree to which anyone stretches their blankets is totally subjective.

Made from handspun yarn, one poof at a time, on a manual treadle wheel, in USA. Yarn production starts at least 3-5 weeks prior to it being ready for kniting.

Closely-knitted for maximum texture on both sides. This large close-knit blanket is made using an enormous amount of manmade yarn. It takes a longer time to handknit and uses more yarn than a loosely-knit blanket of the same size.

For sale (and ready to ship!) at a fraction of the value price.


  • BH#13043: 17.5" x 23" - 100% in stock
  • BH#13041: 20" x 23" - 100% in stock