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Photo Mat Large Blanket Maximum Texture CK American Walnut


~ 17.5" x 21"
Ultrasoft Merino Hand Dyed Yarn

CK - Close knit

Note: Measurements are of UNSTRETCHED, relaxed, blanket. The degree to which anyone stretches their blankets is totally subjective.

Closely-knitted for maximum texture on one side, smooth on the other. Handmade in small batches, and ready-to-ship so you don't have to wait. Each batch unique.

This large CLOSE-KNIT blanket is made using a large amount of yarn. Due to its close-knit nature, it takes more stitches and longer time to handknit in comparison to a loosely-knit blanket of the same size. Well-defined pattern of stitches and less likely to peak-through colors from bottom layers if that is the look you are looking to create.

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