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Photo Mat 15" x 18" MK Blanket Blue {Custom Order}


~ 15" x 18" (unstretched measurements)
Handspun Merino Yarn
Actual measurements +/- 1" due to handmade nature of handspun yarn

If on custom order, please allow 3-4 weeks for your blanket to be knitted just for you.

MK - Medium Knit

Note: Measurements are of UNSTRETCHED, relaxed, blanket. The degree to which anyone stretches their blankets is totally subjective.

More loosely knitted than our CK to give some stretch, but not too much, so you still get some good texture without excessive peek-a-boo. The blanket is still a substantial fabric and holds a rectangular shape naturally.

Modeled picture shows Mochi Nest(tm) in "Blue".